Oven Cleaning 101

I hope I’m not the only one who never knew this, but at this moment I’m feeling pretty dumb. I have scrubbed my fair share of stoves over the years and yet, I learned something new today. Did you know there is a way to clean the glass inside the oven door? I would often be annoyed when I finished cleaning my oven and still had a hard time seeing through the grime on the inside of the glass, despite all of my efforts to have a spotless stove. I honestly had never heard of anyone cleaning inside the door until I saw it on Pinterest this weekend. Sure enough a few screws and the whole thing opens up.

Cleaning Between the Glass on Your Oven Door:

I’m assuming there’s someone else out there who never knew about this and thus I’m sharing the steps for cleaning the glass. I found this tutorial on Mom 4 Real and she claimed it was quite easy to open the oven door up and clean inside. I decided to put my oven on “self clean” this morning and thought I’d finish off the job by attempting to clean the glass inside the door. To be honest, it was even easier than her post implied. Her oven door had special screws (torx screws) that required a special tool to loosen them, but my oven had regular screws that were loosened and removed with a square head screw driver. My screws also seemed to be in different places than her post suggested. I had to remove 3 screws along each side of the door and one in the top of each corner of the door that held the handle on. I literally unscrewed the 8 screws and the door popped open. I then proceeded to vacuum the inside and gave it a good scrub and shine. It was super easy and my glass is now clean. Too bad about the black exterior that never ever looks clean in my opinion. The black appliances came with our house and I would never go “black” again. It looks sleek, but always seems streaky and/or dusty to me!

Let me know if you knew about this and already clean the interior of your door as part of your oven cleaning regime. I’m curious to know if I missed this vital detail growing-up or if few people actually do this?

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