Happy Spring!

I love the look of the hoarfrost on the trees and am generally accepting of winter temperatures above -5, but aside from that I can honestly say “I’m not a fan.” Unfortunately, we don’t get many of these days. I don’t like being cold and find the short days and extended darkness almost unbearable. It has been a very long winter for everyone, even those who profess to love it. I am so excited to see the slush and melting snow that I might actually join the kids and dance in the mud puddles this spring!

You know you have survived one of the coldest winters ever when it wasn’t uncommon to hear weather reports stating claims that the thermometers were registering temperatures colder than both the North Pole and the surface of Mars. At least once, we were also recognized as being as the coldest place on earth! So….Happy Spring!

Happy SpringI was looking for a cute little spring poem and found this. Isn’t that sweet….a daffodil stem peeking through the brown soil on the first day of spring. Is that some kind of a sick joke? My yard is still waist deep from one side to the other and believe me, there are no daffodils to be seen. I think we are still weeks away from that, but none the less…spring is here.  I took these shots of the kids out in the yard yesterday. Go figure, spring is here and it is finally mild enough for them to play outside. (We actually had so much snow that we let them jump into the drifts from the garage roof.) The temperatures were mild at plus 1, the sun is shining and there is finally hope in the air. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a great angle on these shots as the sun was shining directly in my sight line and I didn’t have much room to manoeuvre from the narrow path (remember, we still have 3 feet of snow in our yards.)

Cheers to sunshine, smiles and warm weather. Have a happy day!


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About Cindy RoyI’m a busy mother, wife and kindergarten teacher. I have a huge list of loves! I love my family, The Source Church, old houses, “up-cycling”, DIY projects, scrapbooking, volleyball, interior design, cake decorating, party planning, healthy eating, and last, but certainly not least…gift wrapping! I just launched my brand new Youtube channel and am super excited to share BOWhemian WRAPsody with my followers. My channel is dedicated to all things relating to gift wrapping and creating beautiful eye catching presents…its all in the PRESENTation! I’m very organized and reflective, and am continually striving to do life more lovingly, passionately, effectively and successfully.

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